The Soviet Tu-16 That Flew too Close to a US Aircraft Carrier - Dark Footage

Nov 02,2019



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This secret US military footage shows a large, sleek military airplane flying low over an aircraft carrier. It then diverts and seemingly disappears into the sunny haze of the horizon...

But then the same airplane returns. And this time flies even lower, appearing to slow down as it does so. It looks like its almost parallel to the deck of the carrier as it passes, that’s how low - and slow - it’s flying. A red star can be seen on the jet’s tail, revealing that it is a Russian plane. The video pauses at the 27-second mark – perhaps to denote the moment things went amiss.

The plane banks up and briefly disappears back into the haze, this time in the opposite direction. It returns into view, now flying in the horizon perpendicular to the aircraft carrier. The video cuts to sailors and airmen now on the deck of the carrier, clearly engrossed in what’s going on out at sea. In the distance, a plume of thick dark smoke can be seen...

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