My moochy Boyfriend - Himomen (2018) Episode 2
My moochy Boyfriend (2018) - Himomen


HD | 40 min./epi | 18210 views

Genre ComedyRomance

Director Osamu Katayama

Country Japan

Stars Kawaguchi HarunaKubota MasatakaKatsuji Ryo

28-year-old Sho Himonya (Masataka Kubota) is passionate about two things in his life: one is to love his girlfriend Yuriko Kasuga (Haruna Kawaguchi) and the other thing is to not work. One day, he gets kicked out of his parents' home. He moves in with his girlfriend Yuriko who is 26-years-old and works as a nurse. She works hard and struggles to change Sho.

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