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Batalon Season 1 (2019) Episode 1
Batalon Season 1 (2019)


HD | 125min/epi | 397 views

Genre Action

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Country Russia

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The film revolves around a real-life event in Kosovo in 1999. After NATO launched a bomb attack against LB Yugoslavia, forcing Serbian troops to withdraw from Slatina Airport (Pristina) in Kosovo. If the NATO forces landed and took over the airport, the Serbian situation in Kosovo would be at the edge of the abyss due to the massacre of Albani Kosovo rebels led by the brutal Brahim. To prevent this, the task was placed on the shoulders of a group of Russian GRU agents. Their mission is to capture and protect the airport while waiting for the battalion, even though the mixed VDV of the Russian peacekeepers is marching from Bosnia. The spy, Andrey, who has long been plugged into the Kosovo rebellion to take over the situation, is an important clue to completing the mission. But here, he fell in love with Venus - Brahim's daughter, putting him in an awkward position when he had to choose between the love and duty of the homeland.

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