Beauty and the Beast Season 1 (2012) Episode 1
Beauty and the Beast Season 1 (2012)

United States of America

HD | 1h | 3206 views

Genre HorrorDramaRomance

Director Sherri Cooper-LandsmanRon KoslowJennifer Levin

Country United States of America

Stars Kristin KreukJay RyanNina Lisandrello

An unlikely romance blooms between a homicide detective and a man with supernatural powers in the first series of this drama. While investigating a murder case, Cat (Kristin Kreuk) stumbles upon the trail of Vincent (Jay Ryan), a mysterious ex-soldier who was thought to be dead. As the two get to know each other, Cat discovers that Vincent holds clues about her mother's death. Meanwhile, Cat must help Vincent avoid capture by the dangerous company that was responsible for his mutant transformation. Other series regulars in Series 1 include Nina Lisandrello, Max Brown, Brian White and Austin Basis.

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