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Best Friend - 이웃사촌 (2020)
Best Friend (2020) - 이웃사촌

Comedy, Drama

HD | 2 hr. 10 min. | 31 views

Genre ComedyDrama

Director 李煥慶

Country Korea

Stars Jung WooOh Dal SooKim Hee WonKim Byung ChulLee Yoo BiJo Hyun Chul

1985 year. Lee Eui Shik, who is about to run for president, is suspected of corruption, so intelligence officers are tasked with tracking him down. As a cover, the scouts move into the house next door and slowly rub into the man's confidence. But the longer the surveillance lasts, the more it seems to them that he is completely honest and has nothing to do with corruption. Is that so or is he just very good at pretending?

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