Calabash Babies (1988) Episode 1
Calabash Babies (1988)


HD | 125min/epi | 327 views

Genre AdventureAnimation

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Country China

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Since ancient times, a serpent and a scorpion have appeared, making the land a wild place, people have to wandering in the four directions, leaving their homeland. Later, the angry God imprisoned them in the mountain lake, now it has been 9999, it took 10,000 years for you to turn into ash. The pangolin has unfortunately ruptured the lake, causing two demons to escape. In the mountain lake Loei has a treasure that can cure two demons. That treasure is a seed of gourd, emitting a 7-color aura. After the old man and Pangolin took the seed, they planted the seed in the ground. Miraculously, the seed quickly grew into a whole gourd vs 7 different 7-color gourds. Knowing the danger was imminent, two demons were forced into the cave. Then seven gourds fell to the ground one after another and burst into seven boys, each with a different power. Will the brothers can save his grandfather and destroy two demons?

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