Cherished Moments - 回到未嫁時 (1990) Episode 1
Cherished Moments (1990) - 回到未嫁時

Hong Kong

HD | 50 min. | 1219 views

Genre ComedyRomance

Director Updating...

Country Hong Kong

Stars Kathy ChowLai LeonJoe Cheng

Ocean Bat Muoi (played by Chau Hai My) is married to a successful velvet ginseng trader - Truong Hao Nhien (played by Le Minh). After 2 years of marriage, Muoi felt that his life was becoming more and more boring. She often complained, blaming her husband for treating her coldly. Once accidentally, Muoi met her first love, Long Phi (played by Lam Gia Hoa). Muoi was attracted by the humorous and charming personality of Africa. She even regretted that the day before did not choose Phi as a husband. Muoi and Phi often meet, making Nhien misunderstand that they resume their old love. Muoi and his wife quarreled fiercely and she decided to leave home. While wandering, Muoi entered the video game store to relax. Unexpectedly, she fell into a gap of time, returning 4 years ago. At that time, Muoi was not married and she was a beautiful boat driver, ten thousand people love. But, Muoi only had a heart to return to the present time to see her husband again. Instead, no one believed her. Even Hao did not remember who Muoi was, causing her extreme suffering. Only Chu Vinh (played by Trinh Kinh Co) will help Muoi, with her four-year-old mother, find an electronic game store to bring Muoi here. However, at this time, electronics stores have not been built yet. The Muoi had to live in the past, trying to regain the Love of Nature ... 20 episodes of "Back to the Past", broadcast at 11:00 on SCTV9, starting from March 25, 2019. The film has the participation of the cast: Le Minh, Chau Hai My, Lam Gia Hoa, Trinh Kinh Co, Luong San ...

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