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Dad is Daughter - Daddy You, Daughter Me (2017)
Dad is Daughter (2017) - Daddy You, Daughter Me

Comedy, Mystery

HD | 1 hr. 55 min. | 1269 views

Genre ComedyMystery

Director Kim Hyung-Hyub

Country Korea

Stars Lee Mi DoJung So MinLee Il-HwaYoon Je MoonKang Ki-YoungShin Goo

Do Yeon is a high school student. She doesn't have a good relationship with her father who is constantly nagging to her to study. Do Yeon’s dream is to go on a date and her first date is approaching. Meanwhile, Do Yeon’s father has worked as a chief section for years and never had a promotion. His chance for a promotion is finally approaching. Both father and daughter have important moments arriving, but they suddenly change bodies.

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