Dare Stone Male Tiandong (2015) Episode 1
Dare Stone Male Tiandong (2015)


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Genre MythsHistoricalRomance

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Country China

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The story is far away, when Jade Emperor Thieu Hao was killed by the Cu Phu of Pictures Thien. The whole world is caught up in a fighting to choose a new new Emperor. They divided into two forces, a force that wanted to unify the heavenly world and choose a master, and a force wanted to become a god. Finally, the first faction won and they chose the one named High Frame to be the new God. The High Frame is Khue Cuong's ninth and ninth nine hundred and ninety-nine posterior life. In the ten thousandth century, Cao Cao abandoned his worst dark side, Khue Cuong, to become a thousand religions. However, Khue Cuong was deeply enamored of, and decided to give up the High Frame's personality to turn into a Black Sky with the intention of revenge on the High Frame for the High Frame's abandonment. The High frame of annihilating the Black Flower but did not expect the flower was eaten by the Great Khổng Minh Tước, Cao Cao also went into Khổng Tước's stomach. After the High Frame came out of the belly of the Confucianism, she became a great Grand Emperor and became the New God. It is the Jade Emperor. However, Khue Cuong has not died yet. After accounting for the Great Confucianism and A Y Na Phan, he escaped to A Tu La to receive O Nha, Doanh Ye and Hac Bao as his disciples to plan the attack on the three worlds 500 years later. Ngọc Đế knew it was impossible to defeat Khương Cương for him and he was only one so he sent Na Tra to the ceiling to find a person from the Five Spirits born to nurture and teach successfully, but Na Tra found the wrong name of God - The subordinate oyster of Khue Cuong Phap. There are also five true Jellies called Shijiazhuang - he is just like Sun Wukong. Having just been born, he was hit by the God in the chest but did not die. He was then beheaded by Emperor Tang to become a longevity medicine. But with his intelligence and intellect, he escaped to Phung Dau Son. Here, he became acquainted with Chau Ba Can and Chau Ngoc Lien brothers. Then he also helped King Tang except the White Dragon Clone who was working on a monster in Chang'an ....

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