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Desert Legend (2020)
Desert Legend (2020)

Comedy, Historical

HD | 125min/epi | 22 views

Genre ComedyHistorical

Director Updating...

Country China

Stars Updating...

Li Lap Quan is a veteran actor of Taiwanese cinema, he became famous in the 90s and used to participate in quite a number of popular movies. Despite being 68 years old, this veteran star is still very active in the arts, even though it is not only the key roles but it helps him pursue his passion and earn more income. Desert Legend is the latest example, this is the webmovie of Chinese cinema, was released online on March 9, 2020. Although not leaving many imprints, the work is somewhat satisfied with the production team. The film's content about Jiang Hu Dai Mac tells the story of the blacksmith Lu Tam Tu, the story of the funeral procession funny and interesting. Although just an ordinary person like Tam Tu always cherished thirsty adventure wandering Gypsy. On one occasion, he met a knight, Bach Ly Vo Uu, and was asked by him to escort the minions of Tay Xuong, Ha Thanh Anh. Along the way, Thanh Anh revealed that she was the soldier who was harmed by the West Workshop and that the Li Ke Hui was the traitor of a hunting dog. The first time he walked out on a Gypsy, Tam Tu really didn't know who to trust, what they said might be true but it could also be wrong, what he had to do.

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