Four Gifts - Queen Not Getting Off Work (2010) Episode 1
Four Gifts (2010) - Queen Not Getting Off Work


HD | 1 hr. 30 min. | 1157 views

Genre Romance

Director Updating...

Country Taiwan

Stars Chloe WangJozie LuKang Yi LeeJie Kai XiuNicholas TeoBei An Luo

The Zhang family has four daughters. When their mother passed away, she left behind four special gift for each of her daughter : Scarf, Mirror, Suitcase and Pen. The daughters don’t have the slightest idea of what these gift mean. Their dad confessed that according to their mom, they will only understand the signifiance of these gifts when they experience happiness . But what is happiness? This is the mystery that the four daughters seek to find out. Dedicated queens fight hard in the workplace, but how do they find a tough enough man worthy of being their other half?

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