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Giant Girl Lonely Heart - The Love (2016)
Giant Girl Lonely Heart (2016) - The Love


HD | 60 min. | 34 views

Genre Romance

Director Zhu Hui Lin

Country China

Stars David SunFeng Zhi MoZhou Yan Chen

Ruan Qing Tian was brought to Ren's blind date by her greedy stepmother. Ren Hao Ming mistakenly believed that the groom was himself, and the two had a good relationship with each other. Ren Hao Ming later knew that the target of Ruan Qing Tian's blind date was not himself, but his cousin, Ren Tian Zhe, who had mental deficiency. Ren Hao Ming advised Ruan Qing Tian to give up her marriage. Ruan Qing Tian didn't know she was going to marry a mental deficient person. She thought that Ren Hao Ming had changed his heart and waited until the day of marriage to know the truth. Although Ruan Qing Tian was sad, she decided to take good care of Ren TianZhe. However, she didn't expect that Ren Tian Zhe drowned accidentally on the day of their wedding. Ren Hao Ming mistakenly thought that Ruan Qing Tian deliberately seduced his brother to drown, and was very distressed. His attitude towards Ruan Qing TIan plummeted. Ching Tien Nguyen is a fair hearing, but pity the two at loggerheads with each other...

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