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Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla - ゴジラ対メカゴジラ (1974)
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974) - ゴジラ対メカゴジラ

Action, Sci-Fi, fantasy

HD | 1 hr. 24 min. | 950 views

Genre ActionSci-Fi, fantasy

Director Updating...

Country Japan

Stars Kishida ShinAkihiko HirataKawazu Yusuke

Strange events are taking place in Okinawa. An Azumi priestess has a terrifying vision of a city being destroyed by a giant monster. An excavation led by Masahiko's brother Keisuke accidentally uncovers a chamber filled with ancient artifacts and a mural bearing an ominous prophecy. Keisuke is joined by archaeologist Saeko Kaneshiro, who translates the prophecy and takes one of the artefacts, bearing the likeness of the legendary monster King Caesar. Godzilla (or so it seems) emerges from Mount Fuji and begins a destructive rampage challenger is revealed to be the true Godzilla, while the other turns out to be Mechagodzilla, a massive robot armed with advanced weaponry advanced technology and composition of unearthly metals. Masahiko, Miyajima and his daughter Ikuko discovers that apelike aliens of the Third Planet from the Black Hole who plan to use MechaGodzilla to conquer Earth. Their leader, Kuronuma the two monsters King Caesar and Godzilla must join forces to defeat MechaGodzilla

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