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Hong Boxing - 百家拳之洪拳 (2020)
Hong Boxing (2020) - 百家拳之洪拳

Kungfu, Historical

HD | 1 hr. 45 min. | 28 views

Genre KungfuHistorical

Director Li Lian Jun

Country China

Stars Meng FeiWang Yu HanDu KangLu Guan DongDang WeiLi Zhong Hua

Set in the late Qing Dynasty, this movie depicts the story of the Hong boxer Lin Shirong, a butcher trained by the legendary martial artist Wong Fei Hung. Rong is a man of unquestionable integrity, but he is framed by scums of the martial world, Tsai Jinbao and Mou Chengwei. As he hits rock bottom, he is determined not to succumb to the evil. He aims to defeat his enemies and prove his innocence and be the next legend that brings glory to Hong Boxing.

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