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Imperial Physician Huangfu - Huang Fu Shen Yi (2018) Episode 1
Imperial Physician Huangfu (2018) - Huang Fu Shen Yi


HD | 45 min. | 19 views

Genre HistoricalRomance

Director Updating...

Country China

Stars Benny ChanAngel WangLouis FanCassie ZhouVincent JiaoPan Xiao Yang

A story that follows Huangfu Yi and an exceptional woman from the Zong tribe as they escape from the palace. The Wei Jin period was plagued with civil unrest and political turmoil. Cao Shuang, Sima Yi and Sima Zhao were recruiting skilled individuals to fuel their ambition. Huangfu Yi (Benny Chan) and many righteous men refuse to take part and become accomplices so they plot to escape, resign from their posts and even sacrifice their lives to stand up for their beliefs.

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