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Innocent Lilies 2 - 白魔女学園 オワリトハジマリ (2015) Episode 1
Innocent Lilies 2 (2015) - 白魔女学園 オワリトハジマリ


HD | 20 min. | 408 views

Genre ActionSci-Fi, fantasyMystery

Director Updating...

Country Japan

Stars Mogami MogaYumemi NemuFurukawa MirinNaruse EimiFujisaki AyaneEndo Nina

Moga Shiratori, like all the girls who are chosen to attend the White Witch Academy, harbored deep emotional scars from their pasts. But through their grueling training, they were able to harness their pain to discover their true powers as White Witches. But the new witches are suddenly faced with an evil group known as the Black Witches, who have taken one of their girls. As Moga and her friends infiltrate their Black Witch Academy, they try to rescue their friend and protect the world from the evil powers of these enemies.

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