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Journey To The West: The Five Elements Mountains - 大梦西游之五行山 (2022)
Journey To The West: The Five Elements Mountains (2022) - 大梦西游之五行山

Adventure, Myths, Historical

HD | 1 hr. 37 min. | 47 views

Genre AdventureMythsHistorical

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Country China

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Journey To The West: The Five Elements Mountains begins with the fact that Ton Ngo Khong (played by Tran Tin Triet) is imprisoned in Ngu Hanh Son mountain due to a great uproar in the heavenly palace. Dai Thanh was asked by Thai Bach Kim Tinh to carry out a mission to protect and escort the jade chain to the designated place. In the process, Ton Ngo Khong experienced many difficulties, defeated demons, met Tang Tang, Tru Bat Gioi ...

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