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Killer Toon - Deo Webtoon: Yeogosalin (2013)
Killer Toon (2013) - Deo Webtoon: Yeogosalin

Crime, Horror

HD | 1 hr. 44 min. | 330 views

Genre CrimeHorror

Director Updating...

Country Korea

Stars Lee Shi YoungUhm Ki JoonHyun WooKwon Hae HyoKim Do YoungMoon Ga Young

Popular horror webcomic artist Ji Yoon finds life imitating her own work when her publisher turns up dead in a way, precisely mirrors the images in her latest comic. Ji Yoon has an airtight alibi, and almost everyone suspects the death was a suicide or a copycat murder. Everyone except the curious detective Ki Chul lets the case languish as a mystery, but when a series of murders that resembles Ji Yoon’s drawings occur, he finds himself unraveling the terrifying truth of the comics themselves.

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