Love Unexpected - 平行恋爱时差 (2022) Episode 1
Love Unexpected (2022) - 平行恋爱时差


HD | 35 min. | 94 views

Genre Sci-Fi, fantasyRomance

Director Jiang Tian Hang

Country China

Stars Gong Wan YiYang Ting DongRen Yin SongRen Yin PengLi Pei YangWang Xiao Chen

Lu Fan Fan works as a personal nutritionist. As a favor to her friend she goes for an interview to work for Liu Ruo Chen who suffers from an eating disorder. After a whole day of cooking for him she still gets rejected. Her friend decides to cheer her up and rents a hotel suite for them to relax and have fun. As Lu Fan Fan gets ready to sleep a sudden power cut makes her go out of her room in search of help. While walking through a door in the corridor she suddenly gets transported back 12 years to the past and meets the 20 year old Liu Ruo Chen. Confused and alone Fan Fan tells him that she is his girlfriend from the future and asks him to help her save her family and fix the wrongs of the past that affected her future life. But danger awaits those that interfere with space and time - as enemies from the future threaten their past - can the budding romance between Fan Fan and Ruo Chen stand the test of time and flourish in this parallel universe?

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