Master Ma (1998) Episode 1
Master Ma (1998)


HD | 45min/epi | 1881 views

Genre KungfuHistoricalDramaRomance

Director Phạm Tú Minh

Country China

Stars Du Tiểu PhàmHà Gia KínhLý Uyển HoaTrịnh Phối Phối

Shanghai at that time was in the hands of 2 states: White Bang headed by Bach Lac Loi - old, intriguing and cunning, Ngu Ho Bang headed by malevolent News and equally intriguing. The society of Shanghai authorities is divided into two factions: one side is the French consul and the other is the Grand Marshal (whatever name ss has forgotten). Bach Lac Loi followed the French colonial flattering, while Tiet Truong Xuan found every way to please Dai Dai's heart to benefit himself.

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