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Mohist Mechanism - 墨家机关术 (2021)
Mohist Mechanism (2021) - 墨家机关术

Action, Sci-Fi, fantasy, Adventure

HD | 1 hr. 23 min. | 24 views

Genre ActionSci-Fi, fantasyAdventure

Director Dai Yi Lin

Country China

Stars Steven LiuRachel MomoDu Yu MingGuo YeRachel LiuLiu Wei Zhou

Shen Tuo, the descendant of the Mohist Mechanism, took a bet with the warden of the Infinity Prison to save his wife Jiang Ren, a captive in the Fort of Mechanism. To win the bet, Shen Tuo, along with six teammates, has to go deep under the Fort and find the mysterious heirloom of Mozi. However, countless complicated mechanisms are installed in the Fort, with deadly traps on every corner. It is said that no one has ever walked out of there alive. Shen Tuo and his team are now embarking on an epic and life-and-death adventure.

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