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Moving On - Nammaeui Yeoreumbam (2020)
Moving On (2020) - Nammaeui Yeoreumbam

Drama, Family

HD | 1 hr. 44 min. | 22 views

Genre DramaFamily

Director Updating...

Country Korea

Stars Park Hyun YoungYang Heung JooPark Seung JoonChae Wan MinKim Sang Dong

Teenage girl, Ok Joo, her younger brother, and her dad begin to live together in their grandpa's house. Ok Joo's aunt comes to visit from time to time. There, Ok Joo spends one of the most important times of her childhood. Moments of unforgettable love, hurt, and partings make their proper marks on Ok Joo's life. The film tells the story of a family and illustrates the house they stay in. Ok Joo's presence is that of an observer during this time, after which she overcomes her loss and takes a leap.

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