Pandayanggwa Koseumdochi - Panda and Hedgehog (2012) Episode 1
Pandayanggwa Koseumdochi (2012) - Panda and Hedgehog


HD | 1h | 660 views

Genre ComedyDramaRomanceFamily

Director Updating...

Country Korea

Stars Yoon Seung AhP Lee Dong HaeChoi Jin Hyuk

Pan Da Yang is a bright young woman and the owner of a small neighborhood cake shop. She then becomes involved in a love triangle with Ko Seung Ji, a gifted pâtissier with a rough personality and troubled past, and Choi Won Il, a wealthy man who loves Pan Da Yang and also happens to be the owner of an elite local bakery. The competition heats up when the rival shops clash, and the families involved have to figure out where they all stand in connection to each other.

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