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Qin's Moon Season 6 - Legend of Qin: Qin's Moon Season 6 (2018) Episode 1
Qin's Moon Season 6 (2018) - Legend of Qin: Qin's Moon Season 6


HD | 45min/epi | 298 views

Genre AdventureHistoricalAnimation

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Country China

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"Extermination is never the reason to become robust. This word 侠 reads "brave hero". If a person must overthrow another in order to prove themselves, they've already gone astray. The right part of this word orates "human". It signifies the actions and behaviors of a person. And on the right, the term reads "double-layered". It is made up of a "human" with two little "humans". What it means is that a sturdy person should help those who are lesser and fragile."

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