Revalation (2017) Episode 1
Revalation (2017)


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Genre AdventureAnimation

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Country China

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Thousands of years ago, the kidneys summoned with Huyen hydrangeas Huynh love as a billion, but the kid inverted nature, landed mysterious, so the life of charity, Huynh because save the galaxy combined forces of the same family Trick to take the kidnapped seal. When the seal, Huynh ancient thought that let kidney a way to live. From then on, Huynh sacrificed himself for redeeming the sins, the family was besieged for a long time ... Thousands of years later, the day the kidney lives as near as life, Huynh changed into Huyen hydropower in copper Minh. Kidney disease sleepy thousand years, just because revenge Huynh counter, the story begins ...

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