Room Alone: The Series - Room Alone 401-410 (2014) Episode 1
Room Alone: The Series (2014) - Room Alone 401-410


HD | 60 min. | 776 views

Genre ComedyDramaRomance

Director X Nuttapong Mongkolsawas

Country Thailand

Stars Anchasa MongkhonsamaiSaliwattana AchirawichWawa Maripha SiripoolKanrattanasoot PhakjiraChainarongsophon NatthawatSuwittayawat Pariyawit

This series shows stories of lonely people in the age of social media. Everyone stays by themselves on the same floor, from room 401 to 410. Although their lifestyles may be different, the owner of each room has to confront with the same problem, and that is loneliness. Social media seems to be the only choice for them to have someone for talking, liking, and following. However, in reality, that loneliness cannot be deleted.

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