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Roommate - Rumumeito (2013)
Roommate (2013) - Rumumeito


HD | 1 hr. 50 min. | 218 views

Genre Horror

Director Furusawa Takeshi

Country Japan

Stars Kitagawa KeikoFukada KyokoKora KengoOnoue HiroyukiOtsuka ChihiroHagiwara Minori

Harumi has a car accident and is now hospitalized. At the hospital, Harumi meets Nurse Reiko. Harumi and Reiko become close friends. Once Harumi is discharge, Harumi and Reiko decide to become roommates. Soon, Harumi sees strange things caused by Reiko. A murder case then occurs. Harumi now feels fearful of Reiko. Just then, Harumi meets a woman named Mari, who looks identical to Harumi.

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