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The Fortune Tellers - Jeomjaengyideul (2012)
The Fortune Tellers (2012) - Jeomjaengyideul

Comedy, Mystery

HD | 1 hr. 59 min. | 220 views

Genre ComedyMystery

Director Updating...

Country Hong Kong

Stars Kim Soo RoKang Ye WonLee Je HoonYang Kyung MoKim Min KyoKim Ji Hoon

The top shamans gather in a village for an exorcism against a notorious evil spirt. News reporter Chan Young is sent to cover the story. When the exorcism begins the evil spirt launches repeated attacks and most of the shamans decide to go back home. Only the five best shamans and news reporter Chan Young remain. With talented shaman Suk Hyun leading the way, the six remaining people investigate further about the dark secrets in the village and prepare for an epic battle.

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