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The Librarians Season 2 - The Librarians 2 (2015) Episode 1
The Librarians Season 2 (2015) - The Librarians 2

United States of America

HD | 42min | 1458 views

Genre ActionAdventureComedy

Director John Rogers

Country United States of America

Stars Rebecca RomijnChristian KaneLindy Booth

Season 2 of the adventure series about a group of heroic Librarians guarding powerful artifacts and battling otherworldly threats opens with a massive, mysterious storm planting itself over Manhattan. Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) and her Librarian cohorts also tangle with Prospero, a William Shakespeare character who conjures other Fictionals, pitting the Librarians against Frankenstein's monster and Sherlock Holmes' adversary, Moriarty. In other mystical adventures, a shape-shifting entity becomes stronger when a lie is told; students vanish at a university founded by a mad historian; Baird wages an epic battle for her very soul; and Prospero gains renewed magic that creates havoc with the world's technology.

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