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The Lover of a Capricious Painter - Refined Love (2016)
The Lover of a Capricious Painter (2016) - Refined Love

Drama, Romance

HD | 1 hr. 31 min. | 33 views

Genre DramaRomance

Director Zhu Hui Lin

Country China

Stars Liu Qian ChengWang Wei LinJin Po HanMai Zheng Yao

The film tells the story of Wu Tianxiang name mark, become the world's attention painter. Was helped to undertake the exhibition of Shangguan Binger at first sight. Can Wu Tianxiang indifferent, until you know Shangguan Binger's sister Shangguan Cher, Wu Tianxiang heart could not say the surprise. Wu Tianxiang and Shangguan Cher was originally a lovers, and Shangguan Cher was in the way back to the car accident, wake up completely forgotten Wu Tianxiang. Wu Tianxiang had been hard to find Shangguan Cher, but was Shangguan Binger mistakenly believe that Wu Tianxiang is the culprit of a sister accident, not to Wu Tianxiang close. Wu Tianxiang I do not know the truth, only when the snow changed the heart, with Yuan Hao together. Wu Tianxiang and Cher can continue to follow the front it

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