The Luckiest Man - Happy and Lucky (2002) Episode 1
The Luckiest Man (2002) - Happy and Lucky

China , Hong Kong

HD | 45 min / epi | 3986 views

Genre HistoricalRomance

Director Updating...

Country ChinaHong Kong

Stars Cheung DickyChen HaoKwan Esther

A broad comedy set in the Ching Dynasty, The Luckiest Man is Dai, the only son of a very rich family from the rural area. Frustrated by the village’s tolerance of men having multiple wives, Dai vows to be faithful to only one woman. But as luck would have it, Dai ends up having two wives himself. However, this is just the beginning of a string of unusual adventures for Dai, Which include his friendship with the young Ching Emperor! The Luckiest Man is a lighthearted historical fable about fidelity, true love, and the irony of destiny.

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