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The Matrimony - 心中有鬼 (2007)
The Matrimony (2007) - 心中有鬼

Horror, Drama

HD | 1 hr. 30 min. | 21 views

Genre HorrorDrama

Director Hua-Tao Teng

Country China

Stars Fan Bing BingLeon LaiRene LiuWang Wei HuaZheng Yu ZhiNiu Ben

This is a romance-horror film set in the year of 1930s where two lovers were supposed to meet in the busy street of Shanghai. Shen Jun Chu is a cinematographer that's deeply in love with his girlfriend, Xu Man Li. Due to his extremely introverted character, Jun Chu was unable to confess to her how deeply he cared for her. Until the day that they are supposed to meet, Man Li died in a car accident. Disheartened by the loss, Jun Chun plummets further into depression when he is forced by his controlling mother into a marriage of convenience to San San. Rejected emotionally and even at Jun Chu's bed, San San discovers a mysterious attic room, she's forbidden to enter by Jun Chu. She eventually enters the room, only to find the ghost of Man Li, who was wearing a red dress. Man Li offers to help San San's unhappy relationship with Jun Chu. When things are getting better, things changed suddenly, Chinese superstition dictates never to trust a woman in red. Edit Translation English Español Português (Brasil) 한국어

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