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The mysterious story of Longyun Town (2022)
The mysterious story of Longyun Town (2022)

Action, Mystery

HD | 73 m | 15 views

Genre ActionMystery

Director Liu Xuan Di

Country China

Stars Guo Dong HaiPei LuoPang Jing Feng

In the early years of the Republic, wars were everywhere, and the people were miserable. The story takes place in Long Van town. According to legend, after a treasure was discovered next to the town, strange things began to happen in the town, followed by cases of girls being murdered at home. It is said that in the previous dynasty, a leader who called himself "Thien Bao Vuong" because he wanted to rebel, buried gold and silver pearls. The mayor sent a guard to guard the treasure. The news about this treasure has attracted a lot of people with bad intentions from everywhere to come to town, and this small town of Long Van has plots to seize the treasure everywhere.

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