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To Be Immortal - 御龙修仙传 (2018)
To Be Immortal (2018) - 御龙修仙传

Action, Sci-Fi, fantasy

HD | 1 hr. 25 min. | 29 views

Genre ActionSci-Fi, fantasy

Director Bàng Ngỗ Mỗ

Country China

Stars Peng Yu SiZhang Xin YuanZoe Cao QiZhu Xin FanZhu Peng ChengYu Hui Tao

The film tells the story of an ordinary person living in modern society, Fu Yan, who was killed in a car accident, but accidentally opened the door to a new world. Since then, he embarked on a bizarre road to immortality, and experienced various spirits along the way. Stone secrets, wild beasts, ancient treasures, and the story of growing up in this fantasy world of cultivation.

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