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Too Hot to Die - That Night (2018)
Too Hot to Die (2018) - That Night


HD | 1 hr. 39 min. | 50 views

Genre Comedy

Director Updating...

Country Korea

Stars Kim In KwonJung Sang HoonKim Sung ChulSon Dam BiPark Chul MinIm Yong Soon

3 men, Byung Nam, Shim Seon and Doo Seok, believe their life is the saddest and most depressing in the world. One woman named Mi Ji thinks the same about herself as the 3 men. They decide to die together. Byung Nam, Shim Seon and Doo Seok meet to do things on their bucket lists before they die. Things change though when beautiful Mi Ji appears in front of them. Her nickname is "Rose of Betrayal."

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