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Vulcan Legend of Jiu He - 九河龙蛇 (2020)
Vulcan Legend of Jiu He (2020) - 九河龙蛇

Crime, Mystery

HD | 1 hr. 23 min. | 28 views

Genre CrimeMystery

Director Dai Yi Lin

Country China

Stars Peng Yu SiOsmond ZhengAnna DaiFan Xiao MingZhang Ai YueWu Hao

The story takes place in the Jiuhe city in the period of the Republic of China. The thief Qian Bu Er accidentally obtained the identity of a police detective and was determined to rescue the junior thief arrested in the detective agency Zhang Lisan encountered a difficult petrochemical case when he took office. A contractor was "cursed" after demolishing the Huoshen Temple and became a stone statue in full view. Then the "curse" of Vulcan spread throughout the city. The thief of money, the thief Zhang Li San, Su Ye, and the little goddess Ban Xia were forced to get involved and began to search for the truth, and accidentally discovered the long-planned by Mogu Road.

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