You Are a Gift - Dangshineun Seonmul (2016) Episode 1
You Are a Gift (2016) - Dangshineun Seonmul


HD | 40 min. | 801 views

Genre DramaRomance

Director Yoon Ryu Hae

Country Korea

Stars Cha Do JinHeo Yi JaeShim Ji HoJin Ye SolYoon Yoo SunIm Chae Moo

Hyun-Soo is a university student who is smart and bright, but has lived through a tragic past. Her father died in a motorcycle accident and her mother suffered brain damage in the accident. Hyun-Soo dates Yoon-Ho and they decide to marry. At first, his mother, Young-Ae, opposes their marriage, but relents. After their marriage, Yoon-Ho and his father get into an accident, his father dies and he goes missing. Unaware that Hyun-Soo is pregnant, her mother-in-law moves to another country without telling her. Years later, Hyun-Soo and Young-Ae meet again.

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