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Yuukai Houtei: Seven Days - 誘拐法廷~セブンデイズ~ (2018)
Yuukai Houtei: Seven Days (2018) - 誘拐法廷~セブンデイズ~

Action, Drama

HD | 55min/epi | 73 views

Genre ActionDrama

Director Updating...

Country Japan

Stars Matsushima NanakoMaruyama RyuheiIitoyo MarieDendenFubuki JunKomakine Ryusuke

39 year old Meiko Amabuki works as an attorney. She is married to Goro Aizawa, but due to several issues, they are separated. One day, Meiko decides to file for divorce. They fight over custody of their daughter. One day, her daughter is kidnapped. The kidnapper demands that a suspect in a murder case that she is working on receive a 'not guilty' judgement. She has 7 days before the trial ends...

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