Hey everyone! I’m zee and this channel shows you the world through my lens!

Welcome to ZeesWorldView.

I will be starting with music reactions, this is a genre that I have a strong connection to. I spent a couple years where I tried hard to catch some sort of break in the industry, quite unsuccessfully. After the first couple years I realized it wasn’t something that was going to work out for me. So I continued to make music on and off for the last 10 years as a hobby for myself and my friends and family to enjoy. Maybe we will get to more of that later…

I am a big Hip Hop fan but I listen to all music. I believe in giving everything a chance. Lyrics are really important to me given that I consider myself a lyricist in my own music.

I will stay true to the definition of reaction channels. I will react to music and content that I have not seen or heard before. And if you request things I have seen I will always state that.

I hope you enjoy!