Kia Ora Singers!

I am Zoe Stibi, Singer & Vocal Coach from New Zealand, but I now live in Germany. I produce vocal warm up videos, reactions & analyses as well as a bi-weekly podcast with industry professionals and technique videos. This channel is jam packed full of info about the voice!

I am 100% committed to delivering vocal technique in a way that you can actually use it. Without all of the fancy language (unless you want it) I will help you reach your voice goals. I did mean help though, all I ask is that you come to your lessons with an open mind ready to explore all of the fabulous sounds that are hiding inside you just waiting to be let out. Talent can only take you so far, but with determination you can achieve anything you want. The sky's the limit!

NB: I kindly ask that you do not send reaction requests through to my business email address. This is for singing lesson and business enquires only. Reactions can be requested in the video comments.