I post pretty much anything I can make into Gacha.
This is able to include; Afton Family/FNAF, Creepypasta, OC composed mini movies, BNHA/MHA, music videos and whatever else takes my fancy

I am a relatively new creator, but that does not make me new to YouTube and all it’s brutally. If you have complaints about what I do, make, or how I express myself with my videos, you can take your complaints and shove ‘em. Because I do not care

Consider what I do me taking the images in your mind’s eye, if you were reading what happens in my videos rather than watching them, and materialising them for you

Gacha logic is no different than alternating facts to fit a story line. Tis all I have to say on the matter. Good day and I hope you can find entertainment in what I do

- Destiny Darling

My Absence