Let's create something Magical! ⭐️🍫🍓🍰 Welcome to the world of creating unique sweet treats 🍭 I started my baking journey at 10 years old with cake decorating and sugar cookies. Over the years, I continued to expand my passion into assorted chocolate covered treats, candy, and more.

After gaining basic experience , I aspired to transform simple confections into themes of all types- from Disney Characters to Holidays. It brings me joy to capture the vision of special occasions, parties, family celebrations, as well as help others grow their Small Business.

In this Sweet Community, I share all of my knowledge I have accumulated along the way; teaching as if I’m helping assist you in your own kitchen. My goal is to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone by learning a new technique, impress your family with delicious sweets, or accomplish your small business dreams. Shoot for the stars, and never stop learning- there’s always something fun and magical that you can create!💫💕